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Corner Balancing

Corner Balancing

Corner Balancing / Weight Distribution

One of the most effective ways to balance your car is to redistribute the weight of the car. More given weight on the wheels of the car gives them more work to do. A lighter wheel is easier to accelerate forward, easier to stop and easier to “accelerate” aside (turn). A lighter car also has the same trade-off in the sense of giving the driver a quicker and sharper response. If the driver makes a bad input (like too much throttle in a turn) the car is going to react more quickly and take you over the limit more sharply.

With weight distribution we look for a reduction of weight beyond the wheelbase. Take a look under the hood of some front engine cars. Many of them are designed where the engine-block sits in front of the axle of the front wheels. This means that the majority of the engine weight is placed over the front wheels, making them work harder and slide earlier. We are looking to redistribute the weight of the car so that it still “pushes” and starts sliding with the front BEFORE it does with the rear, but just slightly.

We are working on a guide to balancing your car. Your vehicle must have adjustable suspension at all four corners to effectively weight balance the car.

The same goes for stiffening the suspension. Who says both the front and rear of the car must be aligned for the same stiffness? We need to align the car so that it’s “roll coupling” allows for the front to be a bit softer so that the front pushes and the car remains stable. The car should have a minimal amount of basic understeer, whether through the stiffness of the suspension, weight distribution, ride height, or wheel alignment.

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