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In relation to springs, and the less point in particular, the spring has another side-effect: Press against any spring and let go, and the spring will depress and “kick-back” and forth until eventually coming to rest. This tendency of the spring to bounce back and forth, compressing and depressing, is called “oscillation” and it’s not a desired effect. A car with springs that oscillate back and forth is going to bounce back and forth over every bump and every time you brake or steer. The dampers are brakes that stop the spring from oscillating. It’s therefore important to stiffen the dampers simultaneously and parallel to the springs, to reduce oscillation to just one “cycle” and to get the right outcome of:

  • Less body roll when braking, steering and accelerating.
  • A quick response from the car to inputs of braking, steering and accelerating.
  • A car with a suspension that supplies both the former points, without being too stiff as to a point where it bounces over bumps.

More info coming soon about damper specs and choosing the right damper. Check back soon!

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